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HARSH STONES is Premier Tech Chronos' valve bag fillers brand, born from the accretion of the seizing equipment division at Graphic Packaging in May 2009. Along with getting integrated with the Premier tech family, harsh stones has hence merged along with introducing the best team for executing the plans for industrial development of the industry and henceforth, headed to the way of professionalism in the industry.

With the legitimacy laid by The Bates, St. Regis Bates, Stone container, Smurfit-Stone, Altivity and Graphic Packaging HARSH STONES try its level best to have a complete range of designs and matter which is in the market today. Packing provided here is a service which not only saves your time but also ensures that the items packed reach the destination intact and in time.

Our product line has all the verity which ranges from simple, manually operated machines to highly sophisticated automatic bag filling and handling systems. The list also has low-end, high-end valve bag fillers, valve bag applicators/placers, robotic bag handling systems for valve bags, and ultrasonic sealers and bag closers, mostly for the food, chemical and mineral industries which are of best of qualities and hence very durable. HARSH STONES also offers the services of palletizing i.e. transporting on a pallet and also serves securing equipment from its bearer company Premier Tech Chronos.