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The Slate Manufacturers India provide a fine product called the slate stone which is made up of fine grains, metamorphic shale which has the ability to be split into thin layers, slate can too be easily split to form amazingly beautiful textured surfaces. The best appearance of slate is due to the vibrant colors and uniquely defined texture. It is more in demand because it’s fireproof and non-slippery. It’s majorly a foliated and a homogeneous metamorphic rock which is derived from an original sedimentary rock which is of shale-type and is composed of clay/volcanic. Slate is a good electrical insulator. There are certain uses where sate is used exquisitely like the fine slate is vastly used as a whetstone for honing knives along with some other uses of it like in laboratory, bench tops and billiard board table. Slate Suppliers India manages to satisfy the customers who demand these stones on a large scale and in amount due to its properties like thermal stability as well as chemical inertness. In certain areas where it’s available, is extracted by our manufacturers and made efficient for development and production on a large scale. Hence, the Slate Exporters too find a good amount of customer deals to complete.